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The Team that takes care of your movable property!

SA-TRA is a company that has existed for more than 25 years in the automotive industry on the Macedonian market.
  • The main activities of SA-TRA are:
  • Repair and maintenance of light and heavy goods vehicles,
  • Chassis upgrades and Frigo stalls,
  • Cosmetics, styling and ceramic protection of vehicles,
  • Own production of motor boats,
  • Manufacture of polyester parts.



Automobile repair workshop

With years of experience and hard work, SA-TRA has managed to create a center that will help with all the needs of your vehicle.

In order to take care of everything that you need to get in one place, SA-TRA has the latest technology for:

  • Laser Centering
  • Balancing
  • Vulcanizing
  • Control, charge and refresh the air conditioner
  • Diagnostics

Satra detailing centre

Sa-Tra is official distributer of the recognizable brand for ceramic coating Ceramic Pro, followed by vehicle polishes and detergents from Grass product range.

The nano-ceramic technology offers durability and protection to the exterior of your vehicle!


Truck repair workshop

Sale of original spare parts

-Sa-Tra has a wide range of original spare parts.

  • One of the main activities in this service is the repair and maintenance of commercial vehicles (trucks).
  • Expressly, quality and in the shortest time your vehicle for work and profit will be restored.
  • Servicing is with original spare parts, oil change, filter change, electronic diagnostics.
  • All mechanical work will be done precisely by our expert staff with specialized tools.

Body repair and paint job

-Limarry and painting are performed with professional tools and equipment.

Machine wash
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Authorized partner of SCANIA

Your SCANIA vehicle can finally receive the well deserved care in Macedonia

In Sa-Tra you will get:

  • Sale of original spare parts
  • Electronic diagnosis
  • Regular service and replacement of original SCANIA motoroil
  • All mechanical work using specialized tools used by trained personnel in accordance with SCANIA
  • Valve check
  • Centering the underbody
  • Balancing and changing tires
  • Chassis repair
  • Body repair and painting is done in truck chamber
  • Machine wash of trucks

Body repair, paint job and cosmetic treatment

Experience in varnishing with state-of-the-art technology and high quality dyeing materials culminates in work excellence.

For the complete care of your vehicle Sa-Tra has introduced cosmetic treatments in:

  • Dry cleaning
  • Polishing
  • Freshening of plastic parts

At Sa-Tra you can get all the steelwork with the latest technology and world-class standards:

  • Drawing
  • Centering
  • Ironing

Trailer repair workshop

Original spare parts

Sa-Tra has a wide range of original Schmitz Cargobull spare parts.

Body repair and paint job

Body repair and painting are performed with professional tools and equipment.


In our service complex on the highway Skopje - Kumanovo you will get a complete service for repair of your trucks and trailers.

We carry out refinishing of lacquers, repair of chassis as well as repairs to trailer cooling chambers.
We have equipment for electrical diagnosis of systems: Wabco, Knorr - Bremse, Haldex.

Repair on:

  • Electronics
  • Air
  • Mechanics for all types of semi-trailers
  • Repair of ferroplast and polyester panels with liner parts.
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SA-TRA is authorised service for Schmitz Cargobull